Freddie Asinor

Educator of Health Care and Public Policy

About Freddie Asinor

Freddie Asinor possesses over 20 years of experience as a college educator in health care and public policy. Early in his career, he served as assistant professor of family medicine and associate residency program director in the department of family medicine at Morehouse College School of Medicine. Freddie Asinor also operated as a coordinator at The Center for Continuing Maternal and Child Health Learning and Achievement at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Asinor has extensive experience as an instructor of health care and public policy, including teaching medical leadership, diversity and cross-cultural communications, and conflict resolution at the Institute for Physician Leadership. In addition, he functioned as the dean of the College of Education, in the department of health and public policy at Delaware State University.

Besides obtaining a master of public health from Emory University, Freddie Asinor earned certification in public health leadership from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and in non-profit management from The Johns Hopkins University.

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