Fred Hoppe

Historical Sculptor

About Fred Hoppe

A self-employed artist experienced in creating sculptures of historical figures, Fred Hoppe has completed projects for institutions such as the Veterans Memorial Museum in Branson, Missouri, the University of Nebraska, and the ATA Hall of Fame Museum. He was selected out of a field of over 480 artists for the creation of a life-size sculpture of President George H.W. Bush. Fred Hoppe's other projects have included life-size sculptures for military memorials and wildlife figures. In addition to his work in the United States, he also completed a life-size sculpture of Father Flanagan for Bally Mo, Ireland.

Fred Hoppe studied business at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and later turned to the field of sculpture. He continued his studies of art at Hart Art Academy in Maine and then at Loveland Academy of Arts in Colorado. In his leisure time, he enjoys traveling to wilderness areas and photographing wildlife. These hobbies contribute to his work as an artist. He also enjoys restoring antique automobiles.

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