Freshwater vs. Saltwater Fishing

One of the most common doubts of true fishing enthusiasts is whether to fish in freshwater or saltwater. While inexperienced fishers may not be able to notice any differences between freshwater and saltwater fishing and decide to fish anywhere, the experienced ones consider a lot of factors in order to decide where to fish. Fishing is among the favourite recreational activities of many people in Australia and is very important to have knowledge about both saltwater and freshwater fishing. These two types of fishing have both similarities and differences. Let's learn more about them.

Freshwater Fishing

Most fishermen learn how to fish in freshwater. It is more approachable, easier and less expensive than saltwater fishing. To fish in freshwater, you would only need a simple fishing pole, a hook and a line. With fishing, access is a major issue. It is much easier to find a lake nearby within your bike or car than an ocean or gulf for saltwater fishing. If you have a laid-back personality, freshwater fishing is just perfect. You find a bridge over a stream or a river or get in the lake with your boat and enjoy.

The fish you are going to catch in freshwater are usually smaller than fish from saltwater. This relaxing fishing experience can give you smaller fish, but at least not much effort is required. The sorts of fish in freshwater vary from region to region, unless the local authorities have enriched a lake or pond with a particular specie of fish. The most common freshwater fish you can catch are black crappie, channel catfish, rainbow trout and walleye. Most fishermen eat the fish they catch.

Saltwater Fishing

Compared to freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing is a much different experience. Unless you live near the ocean or a sea, it is very expensive to go for saltwater fishing. This makes the saltwater fishing luxurious experience. However, the environment and the fish species available in saltwater make the fishing more challenging and it is really an unforgettable experience. Saltwater provides a wider range of sea life and there are a lot more types of fish you can chase.

Saltwater fish are usually bigger and heavier than freshwater fish. They fight harder when caught. In addition to the many fish species, you may catch sharks and rays as well. The saltwater fishing requires more knowledge, more skills and different fishing gear, in order to withstand more difficult climate and stronger water currents.

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