Is this the one you can count on? the one who will always be there for you? the one who will take care of you? the one who will always be a shoulder to cry on? the one who can you feel awesome with? the one who you can talk or laugh at? Maybe that's a friend?

That's why I'm lucky to have them in my LIFE!

         Now, I realize what's the true meaning of friendship because of the people who surrounds me and who really cares. Friendship is EVERYTHING and it worth something to have. We may never see the true meaning of it but we all know that Friendship can build us inside and out. Having just a FRIEND makes us happy but having a REAL FRIEND/BESTFRIENDS is amazing.

        Before, for me friendship is just a form of communication to another person, simply for me it's just not a FOREVER. It's like when I know you and you know me then we are FRIENDS but as I grow older. I got a  lot of thinking what FRIENDSHIP really means. It is a bond between a group of people that understand each other, having the best quality time, you can be weird of, you can express your feelings, share secrets, you can take good care and love. NOW THAT'S A FRIENDSHIP!

          I may say I'am not a perfect friend, I sometimes hurt them, I lie to them, I bully them and say something hurtful that I really not meant. But I'am a kind of friend that will always be here for you even you will not care about me. I will always open my ear to listen to you even it's boring. I will always care for you. I will just text you randomly that will say "I miss you" even we just saw each other just yesterday. I will treat you if you will insist. I will give you anything that you want.I will always give you a present on your b-day. I will always be sweet to you and sometimes gives you chocolates. But most importantly, I WILL FOREVER TREASURE YOU AS MY FRIEND AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU THE WAY I LOVE MY FAMILY.


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2 months ago

I really like it. It was just a perfect thinking about friends. I also have a great time with my friends and they are not just friends, they were all the things that I w