We're looking for some friends!

Startup Lakewood is looking for a few friends -- and you can help!  Our new program, "The Friends of Startup Lakewood" is designed to help Lakewood residents (and those interested in starting businesses in Lakewood) connect with others that can help them get their business up and running.  Whether it's somebody to talk to about an idea or a specific subject matter expert to get feedback from, "The Friends of Startup Lakewood" are friendly contacts that are willing to meet every now and then in a low-pressure environment.

Here's how it works:

  • When we come across somebody that we believe could get value from connecting with you, we'll reach out to arrange for a coffee meeting.
  • Throughout the year, we'll be sure to make sure you are updated on Startup Lakewood events and initiatives -- and invite you to an end of the year Happy Hour reserved only for "Friends of Startup Lakewood".

Here's what's involved with being a "Friend of Startup Lakewood":

  • Volunteer to meet no more than once per quarter with Startup Lakewood participants, as needed.
  • Willingness to help spread the word about Startup Lakewood events/initiatives.
  • You'll be welcome to -- but not required -- to attend any Startup Lakewood events.

Ready to become a Friend of Startup Lakewood?  Sign up below!