Journey Through Special Education

From birth through 2, services for children are provided by Help Me Grow. Alert: Help me Grow is not just for children and parents of children with developmental delays!

Child Find

Child Find is a framework in which school districts identify, locate and evaluate all children with disabilities, birth through age 21, who are in need of early intervention or special education services.  at age 3, services are provided by the local education agency.

Birth through Age 2, the Early Childhood Years

    Each school district must ensure that the obligation is met to make FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) available to each eligible child, ages 3 through 5, for whom the school district is the child's school district of residence. Children are eligible for services on the third birthday, even if they are not transitioning from Help Me Grow (HMG). Referrals and evaluations occur early enough to ensure that an IEP is implemented on the child's third birthday for all children transitioning from HMG or Part C services.

Ages 3 through 5, the Preschool Years

Ages 6 through 21, the School Age Years

Age 6 is the age students must enter kindergarten. Students may enter kindergarten at age 5.

Post Secondary Transition Services, Ages 16 through 21

Transition services are embedded into the IEP and required for all children who are or will be 16 years of age during the effective dates of the IEP. For children who are 14 years of age (or younger, if determined appropriate by the IEP team) during the effective dates of the IEP, theIEP shall include a statement, updated annually, that addressees the child's transition service needs that focus on the child's course of study.

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