Rules by Cynthia Lord

Cassette Tape

In the story, David loved listening to Frog and Toad stories on cassette tapes. His sister, Catherine, helped David repair the tapes whenever the tape would unwind. These cassette tapes were soothing to David because they were familiar. He memorized all of the stories by Arnold Lobel!


Throughout the book, Catherine was searching for a best friend. She was so excited when she learned that Kristi was moving in next door, and imagined the two of them using flashlights to communicate with each other out their bedroom windows.

Communication Book

Catherine became friends with Jason, a boy who had cerebral palsy. Jason could not talk, so he used a book filled with picture cards to communicate. Since Catherine loved to draw, she made picture cards to add to Jason's book.


Catherine's dad loved to plant tomatoes in the backyard in his spare time. Catherine felt that her dad spent more time gardening than with her and David. She wished that he would spend more time with her.

Fish Tank

Catherine made rules for David to help him behave in social situations. One of the rules she created was, "No toys in the fish tank." David sometimes dropped toys in the tank and then would come to Catherine to get them out.

By: Ms. Patterson 4A