Crayons were a big part of American life. It helped people feel happier. It helped people have a better career as an artist. It helped children grow the love for art. People still use this today. It is magnificent.

Crayons changed American life so much. It helped by making people love to draw. It made children start to draw at an early which leads to better art careers. It exposed people to creativity and imaginary expressions.

Crayons made a huge impact on society. It had the ability to encourage and foster creativity and art expression. It also was able to cause a ripple affect across the globe to what you see in the world to how you see it. That creative item or element was used in every design, ad, or idea.

This invention was positive. It was positive because it was a safe way for children to draw. It was a safe way because children would use rocks, pencils, berries which get very messy. It was also a positive because people were able to design at an early age. This led to better art careers.

This invention made a lot of cultural changes. It made it to where children saw the world as a more fun place. It changed the way people did art because people would paint which was a pain so when this was invented it was an easier way to create. Last, there was no other color cordinated art utensil. There are still cultural changes today like the are making crayon makers now, or even crayon shapes. The original crayon will always be the center of them all. I even use crayons.

Life would be extremely different if the crayon had not been invented. It would be different because there would be no imagination in children when it would come to art.  People started feeling happier, and more excited about art.

That is why the American Crayon was a big part of our life. I still use crayons so you should too. Lets keep making changes. That was the life of the American Crayon.

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