Hinduism versus Buddhism

The significance of Hinduism is Brahma and for Buddhism is Nirvana. They are both special because they act like goals for followers to accomplish and they both contain enlightenment that Hinduism and Buddhism have wanted.

I believed that Buddhism has the greater impact on the Indus River Valley civilization because they're different and does different things from Hinduism. Buddhism doesn't believe in gods unlike Hinduism. Buddhism isn't a religion they're the ways of teachings. The Buddhists believe themselves and correct their own wrongdoings. The ones who want to become a Buddhist will be taught by the older member of Buddhism. They don't need salvation unlike Hinduism because their main goal was to attain Nirvana. They don't worship a lot as Hinduism, they just pay respects to their main Buddha leader.

There are different kind of statuses for women in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism, any women can become a priestess or nuns. For Buddhism, the Buddhists choose specific women by using the duties of the women's husband. The Buddha's language "Magada"  is known of all over the world except Hinduism because the Hindu's language "Sanskrit" which is mainly known in India. For marriage in Hinduism, a man can marry one woman but kings can marry more than one. For Buddhism, it didn't matter how many wives or husbands that they can marry because what only matter is to have a happy and harmonious marriage between the spouses.

Buddhism has spread through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. For Hinduism, it was spread mainly in India. So Buddhism has the advantage of being known from all other countries than Hinduism. This is why I chose Buddhism as the greater impact on the Indus River Valley civilization.

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