Bruton High School Band

January 2015

2014 Bruton HS Band at the Williamsburg Holiday Parade

Happy New Years!  I hope you had a very restful holiday break.  I know I did!  I want to take a moment to Thank you for such a wonderful start of the school year.  I am looking forward to continue to watch the students grow.  Special Thanks to the following:

Mrs. Keith Morrow for organizing the Silent Auction

Mrs. Tracie Snyder for organizing the Oranges

Uniform Committee: Meredith Louke, Judy Slack, Barbara Hardy, and Sonia Wynne for making sure that our students look great for the concert!

Upcoming Events

CNU Honor Band:  January 8-10.  Students who are participating with the CNU will need to report Thursday at 8:30am; Friday at 7:30pm.  Saturday times may differ.  Students will need a ride home on Friday from CNU.  Please let Mrs. Townsend know if you have not received the information regarding CNU

District Band Auditions:  January 10  Students have been preparing for District band the past two months.  Please encourage them to relax.  They will need to bring their instrument and music to Grafton MS/HS Complex.  I encourage you to report no later than 7:30am.  Registration times may vary but parking is very difficult.  Please be prepared to wait.  Students will need to present a registration slip.  They will receive the slips this week in class and will be asked to put them in their instrument case.  Students will be expected to play 2 major scales, chromatic scale, prepared music, and sight-read.  Please remind them not to talk in the audition room as they may be disqualified.  Most auditions (excluding large sections: flute, clarinet, percussion) end estimably by 12:30.  CNU Honor band students are asked to be completed by 11:30 due to rehearsal beginning back at 12:00pm.  You will have some grace period with CNU. Results will not be available until Wednesday.

Concert Band Rehearsals:  This month will be a little down time for the concert band.  The schedule will be a little different than normal so that students may work on honor band activities and indoor activities. Therefore, please read the following schedule

January 13  Brass Only   2:30-5:00pm  January 15 Percussion Only 2:30-4:00pm

January 20 Woodwinds Only 2:30-5:00pm

Normal Rehearsal Schedule will resume on January 27 Tues. 5:00-8:00/ Thur. 2:30-5:00

Indoor Color Guard and Drum Line:  Indoor Color Guard and Drum Line members will be the focus this month.  Schedules will be given to the students.  Please be sure to get indoor fees in so that we may purchase items such as costumes and competition fees.  The color guard will have their first competition on January 31 at Powhatan HS. Drum line will not compete until March.  Therefore their schedule will not be as intense as is as followed:  January 8 4-6pm; January 15 4-6pm; January 20 4-6pm; January 27 4-6

Spring Trip:  This month we will focus on the hotel room list.  Please keep in mind that my goal is to have four students per room to keep the cost at $550. If a student request for less people in the room, the cost of the trip will go up.  This includes chaperones.  Students will only be permitted to sign themselves up for a room and once they sign up for a room it can not be changed. Please have your child speak to whom they would like to sign up with prior to signing up for the room.  Chaperones, please email me to let me know who you would like to room on the trip.  Please do not assume that Mrs. Townsend will sign up you.  Your email will serve as a confirmation of going on the trip.  This month we will putting a deposit on the hotel rooms.  Therefore, the next non-refundable deposit for $100 for the trip is due on January 15,  Please do not send your deposits to the main office as it is not safe to be left in my office mail box.  If you would like an account update, email Mrs. Milligan at

Band Parent Booster Meeting... January 15 at 6:00pm. This month meeting will discuss fundraising, indoor color guard and drum line, and spring trip.

EXAMS.. EXAMS... EXAMS.. Exams will begin January 21-23.  Keep in mind that exam grades are 20% of the total quarter grade.  Please make sure that your child is preparing for all exams.

Pit Orchestra:  This year our fine arts department will be working together to perform "Gypsy"  Some students may be asked to play with the pit orchestra.  Rehearsals will not begin until January 28.


January 5-8    District Band Audition Preparation Quiz

January 12-16  Transformative Learning Project:  Create tackk pages: Include resume; project; 1st lesson: Note Identification; Chromatic Scale

January 21-23   Exams! Band Exam will include: Note Names, Key Signatures, Time Signature, Rhythms, {Symphonic/ Jazz~Triads, 7th, Modes}

January 27   Practice Phone Calls Resume

January 5-7   District Band Audition Extra Help

January 8-10  CNU Honor Band

January 10  District Band Audition at Grafton MS/HS Complex

January 13 Brass Rehearsal 2:30-5:00

January 15  Percussion Rehearsal 2:30-4:00

January 15   Band Parent Meeting at 6:00pm  $100 Spring Trip Deposit Due

January 17  VCU Wind Invitational

January 20   Woodwind Rehearsal 2:30-5:00

January 21-23  EXAMS

2015 January Color Guard Member of the MONTH! Savannah Cornman

January Member of the Month:  Color Guard Co-Captain Savannah Cornman. 

Savannah Cornman is a junior member. She works to motivate others on the color guard, keeps them organized and informed, and volunteers at Queens Lake MS with their color guard.  We are proud of you Savannah! Keep up the good work.