Rookie of the Year 2015

This year, in the Enterprise Youth Bowling League, they have set many standards. In this year alone, they have had more rookies than ever before. Over half of the league is made up of Rookies! And to top it all off, over 75% of them are advancing to the state tournament for a chance at nationals, that's more than ever before! They have worked really hard on this and to commemorate all they have done, we will have a rookie of the year contest, the top 4 contestants are listed below as well as their records, leave your vote as a comment. The winner will be announced on Monday two weeks from now. Let the voting begin!

1. Jacob T.- 123 AVG., City Team Champ, City Double Runner-Up, going to state

2. Jayden T.- 93 AVG., City Double 3rd Place, going to state

3. Spencer S.- 104 AVG., City Team Champ, City Double Runner Up, going to state

4. Xander O.- 105 AVG., City Team Champ, going to state

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