El Paso Scavenger Hunt

What makes El Paso unique

The digital wall is a great example of what exactly makes El Paso unique. It shows

Something that makes me love living in El Paso

One specific thing that has made me love El Paso is my Grandma's house. It holds special memories of me and my family.

A Historical Building

This is a picture of the Merrick building, a hotel built in 1887

A Mountain Trail

This is a mountain trail named Palisades.

A Local Government Building

This post office is an example of a government building.

An Example of a Border Crossing (Mexico + US)

This is a picture of my bun and the bridge to cross over into Mexico.

A Sports Stadium

This is at the Don Haskins Center.

A Concert Hall

This is taken in front of the Abraham Chavez Theater.

A Location of a Civil Rights Event

An Ethnic Grocery Store

This is an oriental supermarket.

A Cemetery

3 Different Examples of Religion


This is an example of site because it was a former location for trade, defended the city, and had important religious locations around it.


Saddle blanket is an example of situation because El Paso is known for the store and people travel just to visit this place.


This is an example of infrastructure because its the basic features of an organization.



The Fountains at Farah is a prime example of commercialization because it was abandoned buildings turned into a shopping center to attract p

Gated Community