25 Craves of Christmas

Dec. 19: Fruit Christmas Tree

Stay healthy this holiday season! Here is a simple and nutritious dish to fight the flu off this Christmas. It is the perfect treat that everyone can appreciate. Whether you're serving it to picky kids or taking it to a holiday party, you can't go wrong with this edible fruit tree! A fun and healthy way to keep your spirits up this season! (Courtesy of Ginger and Garlic)


  1. 1 styrofoam cone (small or medium size) from your local craft store. (I got mine from Michaels or something like this).
  2. Toothpicks
  3. Cookie cutters with various shapes (I used a gingerbread-man shaped and a star shaped cutter - similar to these)
  4. Assorted fruits - I used green and black grapes, strawberries, kiwis, dried cranberries and a honeydew melon.
  5. Cilantro garnish.


  1. My styrofoam cone was green in color, if you only have a white one then I suppose you could drape some green paper on a white cone or attach fruits very densely so it resembles more like a tree trunk.
  2. Using the cookie cutters create various shapes out of the melon slices.
  3. Attach toothpicks to the styrofoam cone. Attach one piece each of a fruit to a toothpick. (Think free-form; as the tree starts building you will know more about which fruit combinations are looking better and how densely packed you want your tree to be).
  4. Continue building the tree as dense as you want!
  5. Use cilantro leaves as grass garnish.
  6. Enjoy your new edible fruit tree!!