By Hailey Clark

please listen to the statue if you read this first.

St,rose philippine duchsne  is a none and I'm going to tell you about how all it begun.St.rose was born in 1769 in Gernoble,France.Peirre Francois is her dad and Rose is her mother.St,rose is a wonderful person and she helps about 20 people each day.

St.rose philippine duchsne spent time caring for the sick and when she went to the Indians they gave her a nickname called the women who always prays.She fought in the civil war  helping the wounded soldiers and getting the supplies ready.

ST,ROSE PHILIPPINE DUCHSNE mostly spent time caring for the sick and the hurt. She worked in the underground for her family. She entered the convint without telling her parents. Turns out she was named after a school called ST. ROSE PHILIPPINE DUCHSNE ELEMENTRY.

Some of her hobbies were talking about Jesus all day ,listening to the preacher talk about Jesus and she especially love , love , love preying. She maybe had more hobbies but who will ever know. This is what she did every day. Some of her jobs are preying and going to the chapel. One sad day St, rose Philippine Duchesne died in 1852.

St, rose Philippine Duchesne was a loving ,simple women. She was a hard worker and very nice lady. She will be remembered by her loving world and A reminder St, rose Philippine Duchesne elementary school.

                                     ST, rose Philippine Duchsne

This is going to be about St,rose Philippine duchsne and her caring life.