Dakotah Prahl Career plan

Career Goal part 1

Vet Tech

Overview- Is a lot like a nurse except for animals. Prepare the animals for the vets to look over them. They may hold animals during exams, treatments or shots. Teach the owners of the animals about medications that they are about to give them, illness' and general care of the animal. They take develop they x-rays, draw blood, collect tissue an do lab work. Prep the animals for surgery and may even the teeth.

Helpful High School courses- Anatomy and Physiology, Animal science, computer fundamentals, intro to health care and Safety/ first aid.

Skills and abilities- They must be able to communicate, reason and problem solve, math and science, manage oneself, work with things and percieve/ visualize.

working conditions- interpersonal relationship, physical work conditions, work performance, hours/ travel.

Preparations- Associates or Bachelors degree, volunteer at animal clinic or shelter, intern.

Wages- Minnesota- $15.45 in US- $14.49.

Employment outlook- is very high in the US and Minnesota

related occupations- animal caretaker, medical lab tech, Vet Asst., zoologist

programs of study- animal training, med asst., med lab asst., pre vet med.

Animal Caretaker

Overview- give care to the animals at zoos, shelters, kennels, pet shops, stables and aquariums. They feed, water, bathe, groom and excersize the animals. Play with animals and provide companionship. clean and repair pens, cages, and equipment. Are called zookeepers in zoos. Prepare diet, clean enclosure and monitor behavior. Clean tanks.

High School courses- Anatomy and Physiology, animals science, computer fundamentals, and food and nutrition.

Skills and abilities- communicate, reason and problem solving, manage oneself, time, people and things, work with people and visualize.

working conditions- interpersonal relationship, physical work conditions, work performance, hours/ travel.

preparations- high school diploma, join 4h or national ffa organization, on job training start feeding and watering animals, lasts about a month for training.

wages- $7.64 and $9.38

employment outlook- 45% in both the US and Minnesota

related occupations- animal breeder, animal control, animal trainer, child care, Dental Asst., Park naturalist.

Program of study- animal grooming, training, vet technology.

Program Choices part 2

Medical Asst.

overview- Prepare people to work in medical offices and clinics, learn to weigh and take blood pressure.

Program admission- Keyboard, accounting, intro to business, health ed., community health.

Typical course work- Pathology, medical coding. microbiology, first aid and CPR.

related programs- chiropractor asst., health aide, pre- nursing.

Schools- Ridgewater college, Willmar, South Central, Faibault, Lake Superior College.

Animal Science General

overview- feed, breed and care for farm and ranch animals. Convert animal products to retailers and consumers.

program admission- animal science, biology, chemistry, environmental science, algebra, and Probabilty and statistics.

Typical course work- agricultural economics, science, anatomy and physiology of animals, animal breeding and reproduction.

related programs- vet tech, vet, zoologist and animal breeder.

Schools- U of M, Michigan State University, NDSU, Ohio State University.

College Part 3

Lake Superior College

Location of college- Duluth, MN

Enrollment- 5221

Environment- 2 yr., urban, Duluth 86,265,  co-ed, no religious affiliation

admission requirements- continuous, CPT test, not considered.

academics- yes medical Asst.,  semester, 13:1, 25 people in typical class size.

College expenses- $4,922, $88,000, 20 dollar application fee.

Financial aid- apply early, application, high school transcript, interview for some. Robert Erickson scholarship and the Hunt Family scholarship.

Housing- don't have any.

Activities- no clubs, no greek life, and have the athletics, intramurals.

Campus visit- Monday through Fridays 11 to 2

Michigan St. University

Location- East Lansing, Mi 36,675

Environment- 4 yr. suburban, close it Detroit, co-ed, no religious affiliation.

Admission requirements- continous, SAT or ACT test, GPA- 3.61, 520 on SAT, 26 on ACT and top 50%.

Academics- yes animal science, semesters, 16:1, 18 in typical class.

college expenses- $31,148, $8,154, $40,298, 50 application fee.

Financial Aid- FAFSA, academic, arts, special achievments, and special characteristics scholarships.

Housing- Co-ed or women only housing, didn't say food plans.

Activities- 550 clubs/ organization, they have greek life, yes to athletics and intramurals.

Campus visits- daily.

Plans to reach my goal

I plan on going to college after high school to get a jump start on my career. When I am going to college I will do some internship stuff and some shadowing stuff so I can get some more experience in what I want to do when I get out of college.

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