Orthopedic Doctor

Reports To:

  • Nurses that record the information on the patient
  • Other doctors and co-workers
  • The staff
  • The patient themselves so they know whats wrong

        Duties and Responsibility:

Job purpose

To get patients back to normal and fixing there injuries to the bones,tissues and ligaments.

To preform the proper treatment of  fixing the broken or strained bones and tissues of a persons body

  • To treat and diagnose patience with injuries
  • Works on bones,joints,ligaments,tendons,nerves,skin
  • Diagnoses injures and dasiess and infections of theses bones and tissues
  • Gets patience back to working normally again
  • Preform tests such as x-rays and MRI's  


  1. Graduate with a bachelors degree
  2. Get in to medical school
  3. Pass the licencing exam
  4. Complete residency
  5. Obtain specialty certification


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