With My Texas ENT – Feel Better, Be Better And Live Better

If you or someone you care about is suffering from allergies, you’ve come to the right place. Mytexasent.com offers you a pro-active approach, where you help select the treatment that is the best fit for you, your family and your lifestyles. We offer you excellent, top-rated service and care right in your community.

Our specialized Ent Specialist Irving Tx Centre is one of the rare practices in the U.S. with specialized expertise in treating allergies. Our treatments have helped change the lives of hundreds of families, who no longer have to fear that food will harm their loved ones. Dr. Neil Williams and Dr. Frank theilen recognizes that to a patient any problem is the most important thing to them at the time.

We offer the highest level of specialty care for all ear, nose and throat problems at our many convenient Carrollton Ear Nose and Throat offices. We believe it’s a combination of expertise, experience and a sincere respect for patients. Our team has all three, and it shows in everything we do. We have a team approach, where we partner with patients and families to educate them about allergy therapeutic options, and guide their treatment choices.