My Goals for after High School

by: will callaway

1) When i get out of high school I would like to either go to the U.S. Army Special Forces or become a aerospace engineer and build new and improved planes and rockets. Special Forces missions consist of either unconventional-warfare to counter-terrorism to special reconnaissance and they even do direct action. Aerospace engineers direct the and coordinate the design, manufacture, and testing of aircraft and aerospace products.

2)The U.S. army Special Forces work for the United States Army and the United States People. Aerospace engineers work for companies like Airbus SAS, BAE Systems, and Boeing Co.

3)Special forces training consists of regular boot camp but then goes further to things like Airborne school, skill training, MOS training, language training, and SERE course. Aerospace engineers training usually consist of a four year bachelors degree but can go farther to a doctorate.

4) Special Forces just usually get a way more advanced training and are hand picked for their physical and mental stamina. Aerospace engineering schools are Air force Institute of Technology and West Virginia University.

5) Some obstacles that I might face in getting into the special forces may be not being qualified and not picked. Some obstacles I might face in getting to be an aerospace engineer would be not being able to pay for the education and the institutes being to far away.

6) To over come my obstacles I could work real hard to become physically fit and train my mind to be more disciplined. I could also work through school get an apartment with some friends and split the cost.

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