Arabian Peninsula Journey

I am a time traveler who has VISITED the Arabian Peninsula. I am going to be telling you 10 tips so you can have a very successful trip. Before we start, make sure to prepare for deserts, oasis, coastal plains, and mountains. First, prepare for the real dry warm desert that receives very little rain. The sandy desert is very warm during the day, and gets very chilly at night, sometimes below zero!

Second, prepare for the very fertile oasis. There are plants and animals that exists there. You can use the oasis for getting clean, and might want to look there for a place to settle. Farming and irrigating are also big impact living in a oasis.

Third, coastal plains have very damp air. There is a great food supply and boats, which boats are very good for trade. There will be plenty of resources for you to be able to settle there.

Fourth tip, mountains are way different climate change, so be prepared very the cold temperatures. Mountains are also have a lot of precipitation. Food in the mountains are farmed, the most popular being melons and pomegranates.

*Dust storm due to wind at a desert!

Fifth tip, in the desert, they are often swept by windstorms, so bring something that will help you if you are caught off guard in windy situation.

*Loose clothing is known to wear in deserts.

Sixth tip, in the desert, wear loose-fitting long gowns and headdresses to protect yourself from dust, heat, and flies.

*Trees used for many things in the oasis.

Seventh tip, the oasis had a ton of supplies for houses and fires due to there tree population, so don't be afraid to bring some supplies to make yourself a house.

*Camels are very good to travel with in a desert.

Eighth tip, if you are traveling to the desert, maybe think of bringing a camel. Camels carry many things for you, especially water. Camel is always a good way of transportation if you don' feel like walking. Camels are very useful.  

*This is a place where you could join/create a farming community

Ninth tip, if you are traveling to the coastal plains, try to find a farming community so you don't have to create from scratch. If you do create, try to create by water so you have resources and many ways to farm.

*These mud bricks could be used to build your house.

Tenth and last step, if you are traveling to the mountains, make sure you learn how to make mud bricks. They will help you a ton. Mud Bricks will be your best bet for protection in the mountains besides the mountains themselves. Mud Bricks will be very useful.