Summer vacation two Six Flags

''Every one get out  of the car''my dad said in an exciting way. We had just arrived at Six Flags. I had just woke up from my lovely nap by the screaming and roaring of coasters.The next thing I know, I see my older brother grabbing me by the hands and throwing me onto the ground. I stood up and said''What was that for''.

He looked back at me  and said''You were sleeping on my bag''. I just ignored him. We were all ready to go. We walked to the lady next to the front gate to get our purple bracelet. Once we got them on we went through the gate and there we saw roller coasters everywere. High ones low ones and even kid rides. We all decided to take the mild rides first then the big ones. The first coaster we got on was Gorgea Cyclone. It was fun . But it felt like it was about to break. Once we got off my mom said she forgot her phone in the hotel. We let her go get it and my brother went with her. While we were waiting for them our dad bought burgers for us. We made sure to save food for them.

Chapter two: Acrophobia

My mom came back with her phone in her hand. Once they were done with there food we decided to go on acrophobia. Its really really tall. We were waiting in line while a strong gust of wind came soaring at us. It came from the ride. When it was our turn to get on They had to make sure we were the right height. My sister was lucky she made it. We were all buckled in ready to go. The seat started shaking that meant it was ready to go. It started going up slowly spinning slowly as well. We were really high. Then the ride stopped and it made this noise like pssssshhhh. Then the seats moved to were we were lying on our stomach. The speaker went on and said 10,9,8 then instead of saying the rest of the numbers it went down really fast then stopped. We got off and I felt so light. We all started walking towards the next ride.

Chapter 3: kid rides

It was boring while waiting for our baby brother to be finished with his rides. when he was finished we decided to go to the water park in six flags. Me and my older brother didnt want to go. So our parents let us go on our own to the other big rides. The first ride we rode on was ninga. It was cool. I liked it when we rode on the loop. There were two loops at once. I felt dissy. Once we got of we Went on mind bender. Its a green roller coaster that goes past water falls and trees. I like it how it goes slow first but when it goes down it gets fast. Really fast. After that we walked to the next ride.

Chapter 4:batman and superman

while we were walking to the next ride we saw our brother walking right passed us. So we hollered Youssef!!. He looked right at us and ran towards us. We toled him we were going to superman and he said he's already went on it. But he came with us anyways. Once we were on ,the seats moved and we were faced downwards like superman. I couldnt wait until the ride passes the water park. Because then we could have seen the rest of our family.The ride started. It took about a minute or two to get past the going up part. We were really high. The ride then went on to the fun parts.The loops and corkskrews. I felt like I was superman.The ride finished and I felt like riding it again. But we moved on to my favorite ride. Batman. Its really cool. We got in line and waited for 35 min. It was a long line, Finally we got on. I was really happy I got to get on again.The ride was finised and it was turning dark. My dad called my brother and he said he was waiting for us at the hotel. We crossed the street and made it home safely. We all took a shower and some of us went to bed. And the rest of us watched tv. We were all ready for the next day.

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