Algeria is on the land of the the biggest desert the Sahara desert
This where Algeria is on the map
This the flag of Algeria
This landform is a platue

This land form is a platue that was formed over years because of water that was there for many years ago. Also this land wasn't just a desert, more than a 100 years ago this land was beautiful people got water animals lived there until a disturbing sandstorm came at the grass and water witch dried out. Next after years later grass and plants started to die and decay river and lakes began to dry out, rocks became into canyon like places and then it began the Sahara and this platue was formed from a river or anything else related.

Their biggest export was 68.25 and their biggest import was 55.02

The top two religions are Islam and Muslim

The official language is arabic the

The GDP per capita of Algeria is 7,500

I think people should move to Algeria because it has beautiful landmarks and land forms and visit landmarks and they have a verities of food and amazing animals.

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