Pediatric Nurse

Samaria S

9th Grade

May 1, 2014

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Mrs. Edwards

Hunt High School

Project Purpose: Becoming more familiar with pediatrics.

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                                                Ultimate Goal to Be a Pediatric Nurse

Information pediatric nursing

a description of being a pediatric career is career is caring for sick and ailing babies toddlers and children in health care facilities and homes. They work as part of a team with physicians other nurses and healthcare. The reasoning why i wanted to pursue this career is because i love working with and helping  children my passion is to help children. The beginning salary for this career is $58,000 a year The average salary is $60,000 a year and the highest salary is $70,000. It will take 4 years to get your bachelor degree in becoming a pediatric nurse.The degree that is absolutely required is a Associate Degree and a bachelor degree.

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