Australian Stereotypes

A stereotype is a prediction of a group of people by previous encounters or what they have heard. A stereotype of an Australian would be that we speak with our nose like we have a blocked nose and that we have a serious binge drinking problem. They accent stereotype in my personal opinion is very false as they majority of people speak normal English but with a slightness of that stereotypical trait in their voice, although the binge drinking stereotype I can completely understand as alcohol is a large part of our culture and the amount of alcohol consumed by Australia is very great.

A stereotype can damage a group of people depending on what it is, like the Australian drinking stereotype is depicting Australians as all alcoholics and they more local stereotype of Kurri being an are full of crime isn’t very good the stereotype that Australians are great improvisers and hard workers in very uplifting to us when it comes to being judged by other cultures.

This week in class we have looked at Australian accents and how they are broken up into 3 main different groups of accents which are the broad Australian accent which is speaking with the nose and/or how Australian bogans usually speak, the cultivate Australian accent which is spoken with broken language or an almost different accent entirely like British giving the impression of being migrants, although this is also spoken by the upper class of people almost than being spoken in more of posh way, and the Australian common accent, this is in between the broad and cultivate Australian accents as it is seen as neutral in society. People with this type of accent believe that they have no accent at all. These accents are usually spoken by the different classes, being the broad accent spoken by the lower class people, the common accent being spoken by the middle class and the cultivate being spoken by the upper class of people.

These accents can give away where you are from by revealing your class and which area of your region would fit that class. They can also reveal if you are a migrant by identifying broken language and a foreign accent as well.

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Nice work. Very straightforward. Don't forget the value of multimedia in blogging to reinforce your ideas.