It's All About the Money

                                      An introduction to finding employment for teens.

                                                                      Christine Taylor                                                                                                                                    James Bowie High School

Learning Targets

  • I can name 4 sources to find jobs
  • I can complete a job application
  • I can fill out a reference request and identify a good reference source
  • I can determine proper attire for a job interview
  • I can define entrepreneur and determine 3 ways a teen could start a business


You will utilize the information found in this document to create a flyer for your classmates giving them tips to ensure a successful job hunt.

Finding a Job

How many times have you wished for just a little extra spending money or maybe times are a little tight and home and you wish you could make a little extra to help out? You are not alone. Numerous teens in America are finding themselves in the same boat. We are going to look at some tips for finding a job and some entrepreneurial opportunities for teens as well.

Begin by reading the attached article and completing the online handout "If a Teen Lands a Summer Job" in your Google Docs account folder.

Job Applications

Watch the short video on job applications and then complete the job application in Google Docs . I have attached an example of a paper application. However most of today's employers are using an online form. Make sure you have all pertinent information on you when filling out applications. I suggest keeping address for references and work experiences information in a cloud account that can be accessed via your phone or other mobile device. Remember your references should not be family members. It is best to use members of your community like teachers, people you've volunteered with and family friends who can be character references.

Dressing for the Interview

Watch the video and make a flyer for teens explaining appropriate dress for on a job interview.

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