Civil War Journal

Dominic Micci

Journal entry 1-

I am Charles Smith.  I am from Fort Worth, Texas and am a corporal in the Union army.  My life at home as a country boy is normal in my perspective but maybe not a Yankee. I start the morning off with checking on my farm animals which include chickens,cows,horses, and pigs. Then usually for the rest of the day I work in my food area trimming and picking vegetable plants.  I was on the Union side because I agreed what cause they were fighting for and felt that I .myself had to make an impact.  My mother had passed a few years ago. She never agreed with the confederates and neither did I. Which gave me all this passion about fighting in the war. My father is missing in action god bless him wherever he is right now. I have one brother who also is fighting for the same cause.  So far he is doing fine.

Some soldiers passed time by playing cards with other fellow soldiers.


Dear Nancy, Journal entry 2 and photo prompt- Fun

I just wanted to tell you that I am doing fine health wise right now and that I think about you all the time.  My new camp has a horse shoe shape to it with the hospital on the end and the housing in the middle, and the Generals quarters on the other side.  The most common chores I usually have to do are cleaning the camp, chopping and bringing in firewood, cooking, and digging trenches and pits. Also, I care for soldiers and officers horses, which includes grooming them, feeding them, and cleaning up the stalls.  Yesterday I saw a man who got caught stealing food from an injured soldier.  The punishment was to stand with a sigh on his neck saying he was a thief.  They also ended up kicking the soldier out of the army, even after all the shame he went through.  I really miss you honey.

                                            Love,  Charles


Journal Entry #4:

Jeremiah Handley interview-

Names: Dominic, Seth, Colin

When creating our story we read pages 1, 2, 3, and 5, 6, 10, 17.
Your job is to interview the fictional character of Jeremiah Handley and
write out the answers as you believe he would have given them.
Make sure to include information or ideas drawn from your analysis of
primary sources. Cite the source material as your teacher directs.
Interview question 1
Jeremiah, when you chose to stay at home with your sick mom,
what caused you to make that choice?

Interview question 2

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?  I am happy that I got to spent the last moments with my mom.

Civil War Trust

Interview question 3

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?
I wish that my mom did not die.

Interview question 4 (Look back at the italicized section at your "ending") Ask a question that makes Jeremiah talk about one of the issues brought up at the end of the story you chose to create.

Jeremiah, did you ever know what happened to your brother?

Photo prompt- Morning

This is what most soldiers would see in the morning, tons of tons of white tents that were set up around you.


Something that a civil war soldier would see in the morning is a lot of white tents.  This is a soldier who just has woken up and is getting prepared to go to battle with his enemy's.


5 Cool things we saw-

- A cannon

- Musket

- Demonstrations

- Fake surgery room

- A story of a white run away slave who escaped


Journal entry 5- Describing camp life

Hey, mama I just wanted to write to you and see what your were doing.  I hope you are doing fine.  We haven't really gotten any real food for about eleven days.  So I had to make one crumby food my favorite.  So I usually eat Hard tack which is 1 lb flour, 1/2 pint water, 1/2 tablespoon sea salt and dip it in my coffee.  I'll contact you soon ma love ya.

__________________________________________________________________________Journal entry 2-  Conversation with as many slang words you can use.

Tore: Brother I can't believe you're a yankee(union)

Dominic: Sorry I just want to shoot (fight) for a good cause.

Tore: Lets have pepperBox battle

Dominic: ya I bet I would shoot you like a bird on a tree.

Tore: son I could draw my pepper box faster than a jack rabbit

Dominic: Boy you got nothing on me, i could throw a Arkansas toothpick at you faster than you could even shoot, then Ill go grab-a-root.

Tore: Shut your yapper, hows it going?

Dominic: I spit a whole bunch of hornets at a man, I figured out that he was a young-en.

Tore: They joined the war they pay with their life.

Dominic: Is your army giving you enough fuel to fill your breadbasket?

Tore: Just enough

Dominic: talk to you after the battle you bag of quick step

Tore: Cya possum


Journal entry 7: Illnesses and injuries you witnessed at your camp.

Hey ma,

I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I am doing ok. But one of my friends has a bad case of quickstep.  I hope he will turn out ok.  Another major disease was Typhoid was another major killer. This disease was a result of contaminated water or food. I heard Typhoid has killed around 35,000 so far. They told us that 1 out of every 3 people who contracted this disease died of it.  I even saw some boys with no legs. Please pray for me mama I want to come home.  

Love, Charles


Photo prompt- battle


Journal entry 8-

I will be home very soon.  I have been waiting for this time to come.  I I cant wait to see you, it feels like years. I looked at a few of my letters to you. I sounded so desperate, just to get moment of your time. Now I just feel like I have seen things that I will not ever be able to get rid of. I hope you are happy that I am going to be home to see you soon.

Love, Charles


Yes I have the trait of self-confidence because it was taught to me at an early age from my brothers and my mom. They always told me to be confident in what I do and not let anyone or anything discourage me.

3) Song-

Im cleaning my musket, getting ready for war,

Watch your back I’m coming for you


One shot your body hits the ground

I go on singing the beat of my regiments song

I have no hope though I keep on fighting

Hoping for life which chances are not so good  

I go one singing the beat of my regiments song


We come on marching

through the wood

through the river

No turning back now

Crack! Crack!

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