Disney World 2015

Rides We Want,Or Need,To Do

Disney World was opened for business on October 1, 1971,and the only park back then was Magic Kingdom. Epcot opened October 1,1981. Animal Kingdom opened April 22,1998. Hollywood Studios opened May 1 ,1989. The parks were founded by Walt Elias Disney and Walt Disney's Imagineers. The most famous attraction is Mickey's Philharmagic. Philharmagic is a 4D attraction at Magic Kingdom.  

Splash Mountain

                                                                 Magic Kingdom

                                                                    Expedition Everest

                                                                        Animal Kingdom


                                                                       Animal Kingdom

                                                                   Haunted Mansion

                                                                     Magic Kingdom

                                                                            Test Track


Here is a list of other attractions we want to do while we're at Disney World.