The Most Sought After Features for New Constructions in Florida

People who want to settle in Florida usually purchase vacation properties or look for opportunities related to a second or third home. Numerous opportunities are present in different parts of the State, such as new construction in Bonita Springs. With so many choices available to the buyers, they naturally look for the best value for their money. Some features are more sought-after than the others are and their presence surely increases the value and attractiveness of a property.

  • Central A/C: whether you are planning a short term or long term stay in Bonita Springs and elsewhere, presence of air conditioning is a must have feature. So properties that offer this to the buyers won't find it difficult to attract willing investors. For people, an effective SEER rating with the central unit is extremely desirable. Additional features one looks for include white, quality condenser and presence of steel louvered cabinets protecting coils from expensive repairs or damage.
  • Eat-in kitchen area: modern families prefer this kind of extended cooking areas that give members a chance to interact with each other and even entertain when desired. Both family and friends can hang out together during the dinner preparation time making it an enjoyable affair where everybody can participate. So condos in Bonita Springs that offer such features are much in demand among the prospect. Multipurpose kitchens are the in thing today. For instance, your child may continue doing homework while you put away your groceries or cutting vegetables.
  • State of the art appliances: today, our life revolves around use of different appliances especially in the kitchen. So any prospective homes that offer such products to the buyers are sure to get the steal. Latest finishes and textures are the most sought after. So in an existing property, investment in kitchen upgrades or replacements makes complete sense.
  • Master Bath en suite: add immediate appeal and luxury for future buyers with this feature associated with the property. Builders today consider it as the prospect magnet and never fail to incorporate it in the buildings they construct. Double sinks, great lighting, separate toilet area, large tube, faucets, and stunning counters are fantastic. So are steam showers, heated floors, good ventilation, natural light, counter space, and storage area.
  • Presence of hardwood floors: add warmth of feeling with great home value through addition of hardwood flooring to your kitchens, hallways, living room, and dining area. In existing homes, it is easy to provide the WOW factor through refinishing of existing floors or addition of design and Borders whenever possible.
  • Organized professional closets: Walk-in organized closets are highly practical and desirable solutions that homebuyers look for these days. Builders and owners can get 70% returns on investment or more through addition of this feature. Storage spaces in general are extremely attractive such as utility closets, linen closets, coat closets, and even garages.

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