Driving is fun, but when you drink and drive it becomes a game of life and death that nobody wants to play.

Drinking and Driving.

In North America, more than 30 people each day die from fatal accidents where alcohol and unsafe drivers are the culprits. 16-25 year old's are not only the most at risk, but are have the highest amount of deaths per age group, making up 31% in 2010. This is the leading cause of deaths. Many think of it as a game, and that they can't possibly lose. But this is coldly false; drinking and driving ruins many lives even if you aren't the one hurt.

Ways to STOP This

Drinking and driving can be stopped, many places have devoted their time to making this possible. Taxi companies, phone apps that let you call a driver, and many youth programs that help people to see the dangers and prevention efforts.

Only by taking action can we stop the fatalities and damage that drinking and driving causes.

Stand up and stop drinking and driving.
Take a taxi.

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