Monster by Walter Dean Myers

Chris Leonard, Mrs. Barrisford, literature circles

  In the book Monster to me the character is believable in the way he talks and acts while in the court room with the lawyer and well he tells the readers all the negative stuff about himself and we wouldn't think some who tells us the negative characteristic about themselves to lie to us. To some extent I could connect with the main character because I have been in his shoes in a way up to some extent. I personally think the character is interesting because he seems to be a good kid that was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and got in with the wrong people and is trying to prove his innocence and he is different from the other characters in the story because we are given evidence to prove that he isn't the go to jail type of kid.

A quote that describes the main character in the book monster Steve is that he says to his lawyer “I’m writing this whole thing down as a movie.” This reveals he is interesting because he basically wants to turn a terrible part of his life into something that could be the best thing that has happened in his life.

Another thing Steve says in the book that shows he is interesting is when he says “I can hardly think about the movie, I hate this place so much. But if I didn't think of the movie I would go crazy.” This reveals how Steve is interesting because it reveals how the movie is the only thing that is keeping him sane.

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