Who’s my favorite grand- child of them all?

Despite his uncomfortable situation in the workplace, Branch Rickey was delighted to be back in St. Louis, and so was fifa 15 coins Jane Rickey. Some of their friends from twenty years earlier were still in town, and social eve- nings and bridge games resumed almost as if they had never been inter- rupted. Socializing and playing bridge with Kathleen and George Sisler, in particular, brought special joy to the Rickeys.21 Always needing family nearby, Branch and Jane found a house in suburban Ladue, across a meadow from the home of their second-youngest daughter, Sue Rickey Adams; her husband, Stephen Adams; and their two young children, Stephen Jr. and Elizabeth.

Having her grandparents live a short walk away felt like a blessing to Beth Adams Louis, who was not yet nine when they returned to St. Louis. “They loved life so much, and their family meant so much to them,” she declares. Although both were octogenarians, Branch and Jane Rickey acted half their age, readily communicating their vitality and sense of fun. Grandpa Branch would poke his grandchildren with his cane and occasionally pull off his favorite early-morning prank, awakening them with shaving cream on his face and asking, “Who’s my favorite grand- child of them all?” Grandma Jane always had cookies for the kids when they returned from school. For all her genuine belief in education, a hallmark of the Rickey household, Jane exuded an irresistible desire to enjoy life in the moment. “You could come home in the afternoon and say, ‘Grandma, I got kicked out of school today,’ and she would act as if nothing had happened,” Beth Louis recalls. “She would just smile and say, “‘Well, dear, what do you want to do today?’”

At some point in the summer, all the Rickey children and grandchil- dren would gather at the family house on Manitoulin Island off North- ern Ontario. Beth Louis remembers one morning when her grandfather went into town and came back with identical tartan outfits for all his granddaughters. “He presented them to us and we had to try them on and model them for him right away, all standing in a row,” she recalls about her paterfamilias.