technology theme Analysis

By Elizabeth Gilley & Claire Green

Poem connection-- 'Man vs. Technology'


1. Technology can only be beneficial if used correctly.

2. People rely on too much technology; thus giving it too much influence.

3. People no longer work for knowledge it is freely given through technology.

4. Technology will continue to be detrimental to society, unless people learn how to utilize it.

Connection to current event--

          Encompassing the theme of detrimental technology, cyber-bullying is one example of misuse of technology.  In the short story, "The Veldt" and the current event about cyber-bullying, people are continually taking technology out of its intended context and using it to hurt or damage others. In the case of cyber-bullying, the 2 young girls used technology to send a vulgar message that wouldn't have occurred without the amenities of technology. Similarly, the children in the short story wouldn't have the means to murder their parents without the existence of the 'Veldt.' Overall, technology provides new ways to bully and in some cases kill.

Connection to Fahrenheit 451 overall

            Through out "Fahrenheit 451," by Ray Bradbury, he reinstates that technology leads to a corrupt society by demonstrating its negative qualities. In both the novel and the cyber-bullying event, Mildred and the girl consider death as an option due to the impact technology has on them. The short story and the poem relate by implying the idea that technology can lead to "demise." Although each selection uses these innovations differently, they all display the same overall occurring theme that technology can corrupt society. While technology possess many beneficial contributions to society, it can often be misused and become detrimental.

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