What Does it Mean to be a Jew Historically? By: Lila Rubin

   Some are born this way, some convert. But why exactly? i can't really imagine the great lengths you have to go through, it's like God came down and handed the religion of Judaism to me on a silver (and kosher) platter! But some reasons why people do is because, they want to seek a religious meaning in their life. Even if it means not marrying a jewish partner. Still does not make sense? Thats ok! i still don't know all 10 commandments! Let's venture back three thousand years ago in the burning hot, sandy lands of the middle east. It all starts in the Old Testament, this portion basically describes how god chose the Jews and worked out a relationship with them! I know! you are already about to take a snooze! so don't! We still have some things to cover! Flash forward a bunch of years into the Bronze age, to when the birth of Judaism is told through the five books of Moses, The rest is history! Still confused? Or just want more? Watch this Crash Course with John Green!     

Being a Jewish Teen.

At 13 you cross the bridge of childhood into becoming a young adult. At 18 you venture out to the land flowing with milk and honey to do service projects and meet others like you from all over the United States! But what about in between? I have a few years to wait until i'm 18 and i have already been to Israel. It was quite an eye opener. It felt purifying and holy, Is'int that what every Jew needs? Elders in the Jewish community have told us constantly to Come to temple! Time for the Sabbath! It has to be kosher! We tune them out no matter what has to be done. I feel that each individual has their own connection with god, and that's what they teach us in outings, youth groups, and even, Hebrew school. Being a Jewish teen is a taste of all 31 flavors! I love it! Wanna check out this youth organization? Click the button below!           

Then vs. Now: Jews in America.

You never really think about the Jewish people until someone brings up WWII or even the Holocaust (people are dumb!) But actually the earliest Jews that arrived here was as early as 1492 when Jews were driven out by the Spanish. But! again, that takes hours to explain! so let's flash forward again 400 years to when Jewish immigrants came to the new world. Arriving from various parts of Europe, the immigrants came to escape the political and economic atmosphere in Russia and E. Europe! All they wanted was a fresh start, but before they could do so, they had to become American citizens through the service station of Ellis Island. Most settled in New York but others made their way to the railroads to expand in other parts of New England. Sadly, a few decades later our world got into a huge brawl that we call WWII. I feel that it was much worse than the first one. Each year, Jews everywhere morn for the 6 million that we lost. Its a tradition. Nowadays, many Jews own small businesses and even medical docs!                           


In Conclusion...

Cool, right? What i absolutely love about my religion is that its unique! I feel like i'm a rare flower in field that's different than everybody else. A flower that knows how to read a different language, sing ancient prayers and even enjoy a foreign dishes! But being different has it's downfalls. my father has told me that in the future Jews will experience awful things, things that will be as bad as WWII. I have been called many words, and even made fun of. But even through all the sticks and stones, I still come through and find another reason why Judaism is amazing. As an old yiddish proverb said: "If you have nothing to lose, you can try everything."    

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