Triple A Kinetic Catapult

1. What was difficult about building a catapult?  Answer: Getting the idea down and thinking of how a candy corn will shoot really far.

2. what worked and what didn't work when you were trying to find the greatest light for your"Angry Birds"(aka candy corn.)  Answer: We used too much force (aka energy) when we were shooting our catapult, so it went straight up into the air. But still when we shoot it into the air it still went far.

3. How are potential, kinetic, and mechanical energy related?  Answer: They all have force to it.

4. What real life examples can you connect from this experiment?  Answer: Like when you throw a baseball your hand acts like a catapult so when you release the baseball the catapult (aka your hand) has launched.

5. What will you do differently next time?We would make our catapult more creative.

Answer: We should change our design to make them better and should of had a bereer

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