Anchent Egypt

by Kenny Whipkey


In Egypt the Nile River ran south to north so that's why South Egypt is higher than North Egypt. Also Egypt would be all desert with out the Nile. There is a lot of vegetation in Egypt like trees, bushes ,and reeds. People also grow many typs of crops. Next to Egypt was the Red Sea. The climate of the area is hot and dry. The desert would protect them from intruders.

stable food supply

The Nile provided water for cooking food and growing wheat and crops. They were able to keep their crops growing with the soil from the floods.

social structure

In any type of place they have a social pyramid. The Egyptians social pyramid looks like this.

In their government the pharaoh is a big deal because he was the ruler of Egypt until he died then a new ruler would take his place. It is in the shape of a pyramid because there is a lot of slaves and one farrow.


The ancient Egyptians worshiped many gods. They were often shown with animal heads to represent their magical powers. Ra, the god of creation, is a falcon with the sun on his head. They believe that Ra created the earth. Anubis is shown with a jackal (dog) head. He was the god of funerals or death, he was often painted on tombs. Osiris is shown as a human, he was the god of the underworld. Osiris was killed by his brother who wanted to be king. Osiris's wife found him and then brought him back to life. Horus is usually shown as a falcon, he is the god of the sky. He was the son of Osiris and Isis. Horus lost one of his eyes in a battle against Osiris's brother. The Egyptians believed in life after death. They buried the kings inside of pyramids. Some kings told people they were gods for power.

System of Government

The farrow was the leader and he owned everything. He had officials to help him rule. Ramses the second was know as a military leader, had one hundred wives and kids, and had thousands of statues of himself. Then Hatsheput first female pharaoh. Then her brother destroyed all of her statues. Khufu was known for building the great pyrimid.

The Art

They were well known fore there pyramids that had paintings in them. They also made statues and hieroglyphics for art. They had mines full of gold, silver, turcous copier and lots of presses jewels. They used them to build a sarcoficuse. They had enof gold to cover a building.

Advances in technnology

They made pen and paper. The paper was made from papyri. Then they made the calender to predict floods. They made pyrimids and coufins. They maid make up and tooth past too.

writen language

They used hieroglyphs witch are pictures that. There were over 700 hieroglyphics to learn. Only scribes were to learn the written lang wig. Archaeologist didn't know how to read hieroglyphs until they found the Rosetta stone. it was a story in Greece, newer Egyptian, and hieroglyphic. They knew the Greece so they could then read it.

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