The Temperature

The average temperature in the Tundra during winter is -34 degrees C. The average temperature during the summer gets up to blazing temperatures which is 3-12 degrees.


The Precipitation in the Tundra depends on the region that lye within the Tundra. Most of the precipitation in the Tundra is from melting snow because it produces about 15-26 cm of precipitation.

Animals In The Tundra

Some of the animals in the Tundra are Polar Bears, Caribou, Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Snowy Owl, and the Rock Ptarmigan.

Plants In the Tundra

The Tundras most common plants are willows, moss, Pasque Flower, bearberry, and Tufted Saxifrage.

Fun Facts

Did you know the Tundras name comes from tunturia which means treeless land.

Another fact about the Tundra has about 400 varieties of flowers but only 48 animals.

The Tundra biome covers about 20 percent of the earth if you didn't know.

The Plants that grow in the Tundra biome often grow in clusters to help protect themselves from severe winter winds.

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