I'm a scientist how went to the Arabian Peninsula by a time machine. Now here are some tips for you on what to do in the peninsula. My first tip is that you should bring a camel in case you are going to explore the desert. It is also very hot in a desert so you should wear light cloths.

My second tip is that in case you what to go into the mountain is that you need to have heavy cloths and bring lots of food and water and some transportation like horses or camels.

Here are some tips to live in a oases. There is alot of water in a oases so you can live there and have water. There is also a lot of vegetation in a oases. There is also a lot of trading in oases so you should try to trade in a oases.

Some tips that you should know is that there is lots of water in a coastal plains so it a great place to live. You should also try to trade in some  of them. So there are my tips to live in the peninsula.