Enrichment Project

This is a riding crop.

Option 1: Isabel is beaten in chains by Madam. As it states, “‘Silence!’ She cracked the crop across my shoulder. - ‘Lock the girl in the potato bin, then come upstairs.’” Isabel is beaten like Boston King. The text states, “I was beat in the most unmerciful manner, so that I was not able to do any thing for a fortnight.” Boston was beaten like Isabel to where he wasn’t useful anymore. As it states in the text, “I opened my mouth to protest, but she slashed at me again. This time the blow opened a cut on my forehead.” Near the end of the account, Boston escapes. Isabel also escapes her abusive master to find her sister. As Boston’s account says, “I found a boat; and altho' it was very near a whale-boat, yet I ventured into it, and cutting the rope, got safe over. The commanding officer, when informed of my case, gave me a passport, and I proceeded to New-York.”