Casio Mens ProTrek Tough Solar Triple Sensor Watch

There’s no need to go whole hog on the Casio Pro-Trek; any ana/digi tool watch enthusiast will know about it. Instead, let’s talk on these two particular models of the Casio Mens ProTrek Tough Solar Triple Sensor Watch, the PRW-6000Y-1D and the PRW-6000-1.

Among the common points, both are absolute lookers; both are a strong mix of analog and digital technologies and have a ton of surprises in the functionality departments. Both come with extremely accurate power user-features (altimeter, barometer, compass and barometer) and runs on the same Smart Access Technology, backed by the triple sensors. Why should one then give one an upper hand and not the other? It’s not for the materials, for both come with carbon-fiber inserts in the band (makes for ultra durability) sandwiched between ultra-soft yet very durable resin layers; not for the multi-band 6 solar-powered TOUGH movements – not even the World Time function for 29 cities or the AFTERGLOW LED light, daily alarms, or chronograph or the countdown timer. It’s the convenience of use, to explain, let’s start with the Casio Protrek.

Casio takes a firmer grip on the extreme sports arena with the PRW 6000Y 1D but it also suits the aspiring amblers qually. It’s a trustworthy and comely companion for them just initiated to mountaineering or some other kind of extreme sports, in land, air or water. It’s a watch that’s very analog in appearance; the large dial with smaller sub-dials bring it forth. However, that’s not where the fun is; it is in the bundle of digital smarts that accompanies this watch.

Contrary to the set norm of multifunctional watches (user-friendliness makes ruggedness take a back seat), the Casio Protrek Triple Sensor is built hard as a rock! As for user-friendliness, the watch is not that much intuitive while setting it up, but if you follow the instruction manual carefully for once, it becomes so. The compass and altimeter of this model has separate, dedicated pushers, which also kind of makes clear the intentions behind using this watch. These two are more than decently reliable, provided that you – in Casio’s own words – perform regular calibrations.

To round up, this watch is a smart and solid workhorse for seasoned adventurers and can be used as a backup instrument when all your equipment have either given way or lost. Even the layman can make good use of it while recreational diving or skiing and that seems to be its biggest selling point to everyone interested in classic outdoorsmanship.

Whereas for the PRW-6000-1, this new member of the Casio Protrek Solar family does everything (yes, even indicating the remaining battery charge) that the other one can but not finding directions. However, that it makes up with its dual LED illumination system, , bringing the ultimate ease of operations under low- and no-light conditions.