Ireland 2015

1st Day

At the first day we have take the Bus 11h30 am, and we need to take the boat at cherbourg at 8h00 Pm approximately. The Traject in the bus to Cherbourg to Cherbourg was long and Boring...

I listened to musicand spoke with my Friend. During this traject we have seen the Famous Village "Sainte mère L'église" which is famous for his destructed Church. After that we have see some "phantom" beach (because i never see it). We took the boat "Oscar Wilde" it was funny but I can't see the football matche France against Brasil and it was sad, and when i saw on internet that the France lost the matches 3-1 it was more sad. After the we go to the bed but i don't sleep very well because the sea was not very Happy I think.

2nd Day

After sleep in the boat (just a little bit) we need to finish the traject to Rosslare. It was Boring because we may have do all the things which is possible on the Boat, so we stay on the Cabine at 12. We arrived at Rosslareat 2h00 Pm and we take the Bus to Portmarnock. Sylvain, the bus driver, show to us the Film "Qu'est ce qu'on a fait au bon dieu". It was quite funny because i've already see it. We arrived at Portmarnock at 8h00 pm, but we need to wait 1 hours more because Catherine, the mother of the Family, need to drive 3 puples in their family which is hasn't got any Car. And when we arrived at 9h00 pm in the Family we learnt that we will be 5 in the Family because Arthur and Julien hasn't got any Family. We go early to bed because we were tired.

3rd Day

On the Morning we have visited a Viking Museum. I think it can be interresting but i Don't like Museum in Fact. After that we have some free time in grafton street for eat. I ate my sandwiches which was prepare by my Family. On the afternoon we try some Gaelic Games: Gaelic Football, Hurling and Handball ( Not the same sprot as in France). I Prefer the Gaelic Football, and we play a match at the end, it was very funny.

After that we come back in the family and we eat some burger, then we go to and Irish Dancing Party. It was very fun because the girl who speak wpeak really fast and i don't understand so much, so i miss all :)

After this Party we come back in the Family and we eat some Popo Corn

4th Day

In The morning we take the bus for go to Glendalough. A very famous place in Ireland. We need to do take the Bus 2H30 long for arrived to Glendalough. The Weather was very bad and we can't do the good hike, so we stop before.

We go in a very Small Commercial center, but we bougth some food and that was good. After we come back in the family. We saw the TV. And we speaking together, it was very cool and like all evening catherine gave to us some Pop Corn

5th Day

The fifth day we went to a farm. The Farmer's name is Andy, he looks like Santa Claus and he was very sympathic. We made a lot of things: Bake Bread, see the animals, visit the "Tourbe", do some Irish dancing, and play a typic Irish Instrument: The Bodrahn (it's like a Drum in France).

We eat our Bread and it was good. After that we come back to the family, and it was the most funny moment in the family. First Catherine gave to us lot of Nuggets. We start to eat and she brinh lot of Sausages ans pasta, ans for finish , we thougth, a tart made by her. We think it was the end, and we canno't eat more, but she bring a big part of ice cream per person. I think my stomach is gonna to explode.

After that we went to the beach with the other puples. It was cool and a lot of puples go swim in the sea. Me too i go to the sea with Arthur, because of a stupid Bet. After that we come back in the family and it was sad because it was the last nigth in Ireland

The Return

We have a long long free time in Dublin and it was cool, i ate in 2 starbuck and 2 Burger King. But it was maybe to long. After that we take the bus Holyhead during the nigth and i canno't arrived to sleep it was too difficult. After we arrived we take the bus too Douvres for take a boat to Dunkerque and the bus to Lille, and now it's simple I almost sleep all this traject

I Just want to thank the teachers to have Organise this Trip which was Very good.

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