Do Not Smoking

A  Persuasive  letter  to  Matt

May,14 2014


Imagine an old man lying in bed in his room next to his recliner. All alone, all quiet and all stinky.

Did you know Easton and I don’t like being near you. Even mommy doesn’t want to be near you. We don’t like the smell of it and it hurt’s our noses.

Did you even know about 4.9 million people died on half of the world in 2000. Even 440,000 people died in one year. It will also kill you faster.

Finally,it turns your lungs black. You will also get cancer. One of the cancer’s you could get is a mouth cancer.

So if you don’t want to be like that old man you would stop smoking. Then more people would want to be by

you. Even you could be by more people too.


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