Do animals feel emotions the same way that we do?

One of the most frequent questions in the study of animal behavior is, “Do animals have emotions?” The simple and correct answer is, “Yes! Of course they do!” Just listen to them, look at them and their reactions. You could even smell the odors they give off when they interact with friends and foes (not that you'd want to). Look at their faces, tails, bodies and, most importantly, their eyes. What we can see on the outside tells us a lot about what’s happening inside animals’ heads and bodies. Animal emotions aren't all that unfamiliar. Most animals can express a huge variety of emotions. You can tell a dog is happy by watching its tail wags. You can tell a cat is annoyed by the way its ears lay back and its tail flicks. Animals feel just as many emotions as humans do and if you'd like to learn more or look at more evidence please follow this link

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