By Dayzia Howard

His name was John F. Kennedy. He was born on  May 29th, 1917. And died on November 22nd. He was a catholic and he believe that it should be separate from church and state. He was a democrat and a proud liberal " The cuban missile crisis". He was also involve in the civil rights movement and the space race.

John F. Kennedy hometown was Brookline, Massachusetts. Some of his family members are (Robert F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy "Brother" , Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. "Father", Rose Kennedy " Mother".

John F. Kennedy was elected in 1960 as the 35th president. The 43 year old man was the youngest man and the 1st roman catholic to hold the office. Born in Americas wealthiest families and parlayed and he also had a elite education.

He was also the second of all the kids. Parents Joseph and Rose Kennedy. When he was younger he was diagnosed with a rare endocrine disorder called Addison disease. He was married to Jacqueline Kennedy.

His friends who knew him Edward Kennedy, Joe Gargan, Paul "Red" Fray, and L.J Thom.

one of his famous quotes was: " Things do not happen. Things are made to happen."


He had 4 kids.

He always donated to charity.

He installed a secret taping system in the white house.

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