Berlin Wall

Abby Hanson Hour: 2
August 12-13, 1961-November 9, 1989

WHO: The people who decided to build the Berlin Wall were Soviet and East German leaders. Though there is some debate most people agree that the man who created the idea was Nikita Khrushchev, a soviet leader.

WHAT: When the wall was first built it was only barbed wire. The government decided to make it stronger and it became made of concrete blocks 12 ft. high and 4 ft. wide. Guards were posted along the wall and well the wall was still standing they killed almost 200 people.

WHERE: The wall was constructed in Berlin, Germany. At the time four powers controlled Berlin,the Soviets, U.S. Britain, and France.

WHY: It was built to separate East Germany from West Germany. People in East Germany decided to move west because they didn't like living under Soviet rule. Almost 2,000 people escaped over the wall before it was built.

WHEN: It was built on August 12-13, 1961. On 1987 Ronald Reagan gave a speech asking the to tear down the wall and unite the two halts of the country. By November 9, 1989 the boarder was open and the people were free to move between the boarders.

SUMMARY:  The Berlin Wall was created in Berlin, Germany for the purpose of keeping people from East Germany from moving to the west. It was built on August 12-13, 1961 and was torn down on November 9,1989.

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