Gadgets & Gizmos Reflection

Throughout this course I have learned many useful techniques that I will be able to apply not only to my classroom but share with colleagues.  Before this class I was not a tech savvy individual and although I still wouldn't call myself a pro, I have come a long way.  From uploading videos, to creating online quizzes, to creating my own website I will take away useful tools to help incorporate more of a fun, hands on atmosphere in my classroom.  One of my favorite assignments was capturing our school webpage and "snipping" pieces out.  There have been so many times where I wanted a simple logo and going to Google images did not always do that specific logo justice! I would love to get my parents as involved in some of the programs as I have become.  Having my students be able to create some of the projects on here would be difficult but possibly showing it to my colleagues for them to use in the general education classroom would be wonderful.  I hope to continue to use many of these tools in years to come and continue to expand my knowledge in the tech world. 

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