Coca-Cola as a Brand

Branding through the Ages

Coca-Cola has been an iconic brand among consumers for many years and developed a strong consumer loyalty. Their brand image overtime has developed as one that is classic and can relate to anyone whether that be through their Olympic campaigns to their well-known "Christmas" ads, Coca-Cola can find a place in anyone's life.

Despite the leading brand image that Coca-Cola has developed over the years, they still face threats from companies such as PepsiCo who have launched competitive campaigns such as the "Pepsi Taste Challenge" to detract consumers from viewing Coca-Cola as their only choice for cola consumption.

However despite facing challenges from directly targeted campaigns at the Coca-Cola brand, the company continues to work hard to secure their brand image by being a leader in developing innovating beverages such as Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke and one of their leading brands, Diet Coke. Each of which play a vital role in developing consumer loyalty by offering a variety of tastes to a variety of taste buds.

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