Zaxby's was founded by Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley.

Zack and Tony as childhood friend had an idea to open a restaurant that served chicken wing and fingers.

The first Zaxby's was established on March of 1990 in Stateboro, Georgia.

Zaxby's headquarter is located in Athens, Georgia.

Zach McLeroy is the CEO and Chair of the Board and Tony Townley is Executive Vice President of Zaxby's.


The initial franchise fee is $35,000 per restaurant.

Initial franchise fee is a n upfront fee in cured by an individual or an enterprise for the use and privileges of using the business's name, methods, and support mechanism.

Zaxby's licence pay an on going royalty rate of 6%.

The initial investment is between $230,500-$511,400.

They are supporters of Make a Wish.

The also sponsors of several college football teams such as the SEC, ACC, and etc.


They took the risk in investing money when there is a chance of the company fails.

They took a chance of getting into dept.

They invested 432,400 dollars to start it.

A chance that people might not like the food.


Interstate and highways


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