The Moment

Bray Plomb
April 24th, 2014

Walking towards the field,                                                                                                               the excitement of knowing,                                                                                                     knowing that your time to play-                                                                                                         is not over yet.

With the laces of my dirty cleats strangled tight,                                                                   black catching gear strapped on,                                                                                                        form fitting like a cast,                                                                                                           squatting while delivering the signs for the first pitch,        

That moment,

the moment when you anticipate                                                                                                      a play or ball in the dirt                                                                                                                       is such an unexplainable thing.                                                                                                      That puts a smile on my face that spreads from ear to ear with happiness.                            Because it's only the best feeling in the world!

And the curiosity,                                                                                                                              will the throw beat the runner?

The unexpected,                                                                                                                           runner steals home!

The play,

the moment,

live for the moments.....                                                                                                                    for the moments are meant                                                                                                                to be lived for.  

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