This is at the beginning of the mural when the sketch was made but it was not finished.
Now, we have the sketch completed and we started to paint.
So at this point in the mural we are done painting, but that was just the rough draft.
This is an example of how we mixed the paint to get it to be the exact color we need.
This is the finished product of our mural.

Journal Letter: The mural project was just an idea in our head when we first started thinking about doing it. We were sitting in class with our teacher Ms. Wolf and our guest artist Mr. Fausto Ramirez Capellan. When Ms. Wolf first told us about the mural project we were all excited. We immediately started working on sketches and ideas and notes on other Muralist. After we did our research and notes, we started throwing out ideas that we would want on the mural. When the day came, we went down to the plac where the mural was going to be and started to cover up the floors and the doors so we wouldn't have that much to clean up when we were done. Then we starting sketching our ideas on the wall. After we had all the ideas sketched out on the wall, we begin to paint. When we was finished with all the painting and shadowing, we started to clean up. It was a wonderful experience and im glad to be a part of it.

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