The Moon's Importance

By Brian Royer
5th hour

The moon has 8 phases. They include crescents, gibbous, half moon, full moon and new moon. The moon has a huge importance on the tides when it has a stronger pull it causes spring tide but  when it is even it causes neap tide. There are two types of eclipses. One is a lunar eclipse it happens  when a full moon goes directly between the sun and earth. A solar eclipse happens when the moon assed directly between the sun blocking the sun light.

The moon phases affect us because it vary the tides. Also if we did not have moon phases we have the same so we may not have any light. The moon pulls and causes different types. Neap tides are even all the way around. Spring tides is when high and low tides occour.

There are two types of eclipses solar and lunar. They both have certain requirements for each to happen. For a solar it is a new moon. For a lunar eclipse it is a new moon. Eclipse do not really affect us but they are really cool.  

It may not seem like much but the moon is very important. It causes high and low tide. It causes eclipses which are so cool. With out the moon at night there would not be any natural light. This is why the moon is important.

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