Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
by lexi K

Cher Sarkisan

Cher was born on may 20,1946 in El Centro, California

three things that affected Cher was:

  • Sonny Bono death
  • the 4 marriages that was stressful
  • the stressful movie's that she tried to do all at once.

What was their childhood like?

  • Cher didn't have a father because he was an alcoholic and a drug attic.
  • Cher was put up for adoption since her mom couldn't pay for her self and for Cher so she thought it would be better for cher to be adopted.
  • When she got adopted she was put into a private school. Cher hated it because she felt missed place like she didn't belong there since every kids had money and they were rich.
  • after a couple years she dropped out of school because she wanted to be a a star.

People who influenced your persons life

  • Georgia(mom) they always had fun together and her mom told her to never give up and to never back down to always stand your grounds and persue your happyness.
  • Soney Bono- Cher took every opinion he had and made it her own.They were very inlove,very close,but still had bad arguments.
  •    Chasity - they would talk and laugh for  hours on In like there was no tommrow.
  • elijah - He esscort Cher to the awards or any kid of funtions.   

Unique facts

  • Cher has 2 children (Chasity and Eihjah).
  • Cher was very stobborn.
  • She never liston to her own voise.
  • Never gave up when things got hard for her.
  • Cher has  dyslexia

Your Pertson's accomplishments

  • In 1998Cher made a song called belive and It round up being a famous.         
  • In 1998 Cher made a biography in her life called "My frist time "and received glowingly positive reviews
  • She finshied a maniuscript that Cher wrote about her and sonny's life but she didnt know if she should put in sonny's death because she was feared about getting criticize for capitalizing on the tragic event
  • Cher went on a show called "these walls could talk".

The  theme  of your person's life

he theme In cher life was there was alot of up hill battles but she got through them and if if things gets hard for anybody or anything we should keep trying and to NEVER give up.

Your person's words of advise and what they have tought you

  • "I have always belived it best to admit on or many mistakes as Quickly as possible".
  • Cher said "To get there" "out to be sombody".
  • "TO NEVER GIVE UP".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 C.her has tought me to never give up and to stand up on what you beleive in to be you self, to be out ragious, to be the real you,and to go and grab your dream

work cited

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